Different Audio Tools For Studios To Use

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All kinds of music relies on electronics. From microphones to synthesizers, amplifiers to mixing consoles, advancements in electronics have caused a musical revolution in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and led to many new styles and genres.

If it wasn’t for electronics, for example, DIRECT TV deals, we might not have rock and roll. The instrument most central to rock music is, of course, the electric guitar. Try to imagine what heavy metal would sound like without an Read more

Can You Find The Older Music Anymore

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Can You Find The Older Music Anymore?

Discovering Old Music Through The Internet
Although blogs and music websites sometimes get a bad rap, they are resourceful places to find great old music. For instances, music blogs are great for posting rare, obscure and hard-to-find records from the past. What is more, you can search for blogs by musical genres. On the one hand, this is pertinent information for any music lover because you can devote ample time to searching for specific styles of music. In this sense, you are continually discovering new music.

Uncovering The Best Old Read more

Could Music Survive Without Modern Electronics

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As any in the long line of griots or desert musicians of Africa could tell you, modern electronics are absolutely unnecessary for the survival of music. Some may even argue that modern technology inhibits musical capability and stifles the raw, creative energy needed to make truly authentic and innovative music. However, as engineers and tech companies continue to release smaller and more affordable music-recording equipment, the true samurais of music making will figure out ways to balance technological innovation with Read more

Why Electronics Changed The Music World

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It’s easy enough to explain HOW electronics changed the music world, but the real question is: Why? What was wrong with acoustic instruments? Why would one want to challenge centuries of tradition?

The answer is to be found in the idea of self-sufficiency. When working with acoustic instruments, a composer working beyond the scale of the singer-songwriter requires the services of other people, whether working with a folk act, a jazz band, or an orchestra. The composer/creator was at the mercy of others Read more

Five Ways That Music Changed With Electronics

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With the rapid advancements in the world of technology, electronics have revolutionized the world of music. Now anyone can create a musical master piece from their very own home by using a laptop computer and digital music recording software.

There are software programs that lead you step by step through the recording process even if you have absolutely no knowledge of how to play an instrument whatsoever.

Singing skills are no longer required! With automatic pitch Read more

How Electronics And Music Go Hand In Hand

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How does electronics and music go hand in hand? Electronics is actually probably one of the most important aspects of almost any musical instrument. Whether you play guitar, drums, piano, D.J. mixing or any other instrument. The main component of the electronics is to amplify the sound. For example on an electric guitar, the first word says it all with “electric”. Without it the guitar wouldn’t make that much of a difference from a plain acoustic guitar. The electronics in the electric guitar makes Read more

What Did Music Do With Electronics

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It is sometimes amazing to look back and see just where music has gone over the past several years. We’ve went from instruments to doing many things electronically. This has effected the music business a lot because now it’s possible for artists to have little to no talent and still produce an album that sounds wonderful. This is all achieved by using computers and software programs that basically do all the work for the artist and leave most of the credit with the people in the studio Read more

What you need for your home recording studio

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If you’ve decided it’s finally time to put in your very own home recording studio we’ve got some tips for you. There are a few things you’ll absolutely need to get started but don’t take our word for it, get on your www.satellitestarinternet.com internet and find out what industry leaders are saying. Here are our must-haves…
Soundproofing: This is the cornerstone of any successful studio and it’s easy enough to do. If you don’t want ambient noise ruining your track you’ve got to hire someone Read more

Why You Should Have Electronics In Music

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For musicians, electronics and music creation go hand in hand. This is especially true for those working in a studio setting. Without proper electronics, the sound of a band can’t go very far or stretch in terms of imagination. No musician wants to be a cookie cutter artist, or a generic creator, that’s where electronics can come in handy.

One of the best components to have in the studio is an electronic drum kit. This might not be something drummers think about, but the Read more

Recording Studios Have Made Changes With Electronics

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The recording industry has changed a lot over time. There are a multitude of sounds that are much different than anything else that has been heard before. Many of the new elements are a part of the electronics that are changing music.

The recording studio is a lot different than it was a mere decade ago. There mixers are advanced, and multi-track mixing is much easier. Artists are able to record trackers in layers and blend voices on top of other vocals as a result of the Read more

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